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Our Vows

By becoming a Franciscan Sister of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus we seek to deepen our Baptismal promises and to consecrate ourselves freely and wholly to Our Divine Lord so that all that we do every day is consecrated to His service.  In our profession of the religious vows of Poverty, Celibate Chastity and Holy Obedience, we give a triple expression to our single “Yes” to Our Divine Lord, offering the whole of our lives, our possessions, affections, autonomy totally to God so that sll our being, without exception, is consecrated to His Divine purpose.  By our religious profession, we seek to be free from all hindrances that might prevent us from loving God ardently and worshipping Him perfectly, freely taking on the obligation to strive for perfection laboring daily towards this end for the duration of our time on earth.  In accepting espousal to our Lord, we ask God to bind us to Himself so that we may be totally transformed and united to Him, perfected and firmly rooted in a life of virtue, so that when He comes again we may hear from Him, “Come beloved of My Father, take possession of the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world.”  (Mt. 25: 34).

In addition to the traditional vows of evangelical perfection, the Sisters of this Community also profess a fourth vow of fidelity to the Pope and to the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church.  In this age when the Divinely bestowed primacy and infallibility of the teaching authority of Peter is questioned, even within the Church itself, we, in this Community, by the supernatural gift of Faith, totally and absolutely accept as infallible and indisputable Truth everything that is taught by the Magisterium of the Church on matters of faith and morals.  Further, we accept these teachings as the standard of conduct on which we are to build a Godly life worthy of Heaven and willingly choose to make them an integral part of our lives as faithful followers of Christ.

Therefore, let each Sister, in how she lives her life and in what she teaches, in her words and in her actions, everywhere and always uphold the Pope, the Bishops and the priests when the teach in accord with the teachings and doctrines of the Church.  Let us always and everywhere defend the Church, her teachings and Her faithful representatives when they come under attack and are openly criticized, because to do nothing at such times is as disloyal to Christ and His Church as ourselves to be critical and disobedient to her.    (~ Constitutions)



My vows to the Lord I will fulfill in the presence of all His people.”
(Ps. 116: 14; 18)


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