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Our Mission

“We are called to heal wounds,
To unite what has fallen apart,
 And to bring home those who have lost their way.” (~St Francis of Assisi)

"To give explicit, visable witness to Him in the world"

“And to make Him known, loved and adored in the Sacrament of His Love.” (~Constitutions)

First and foremost, this Community of religious women has as a primary purpose and goal the sanctification of our members, through living in imitation of Christ and according to the Rule of St. Francis, the evangelical counsels of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience, with a fourth vow of Fidelity to the Pope.  .

We are called to be living witnesses to the world of the existence of God at a time when there is an increasing absence of visible signs of God and when religious values are increasingly denigrated by an ever more secularized society whose sins against God grow in number and degree of evil daily.  Through our way of life, our teaching of the faith, the visible sign of our habits, through our intercessory prayer, and through our active apostolates, we seek and actively work to make Our Lord known, loved and adored and to call all into relationship with Him for the salvation of all souls. 

It is also our mission to adore our Lord Present in the Most Holy Eucharist and to offer fitting praise and thanksgiving to Him for His great mercy and for His many blessings to mankind.  We offer reparation to the Sacred Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, so sorely offended by the multiplicity of sins committed against Him both in the secular world and by those consecrated priests and religious, who have betrayed or abandoned their vows to Him.  We pray for the conversion of all who have strayed from faithfulness, that they may quickly return to His loving embrace and we seek to promote the renewal of faithful religious life in the Church.

Finally, we are called to bring the love and healing of Christ to those who are ill, aged or wounded in any way.  We believe that it is often difficult for people to give proper attention to God when they are burdened by a painful past or by the cares and difficulties of daily life.  We, therefore, seek to assist others with such problems in order that the suffering may know and be consoled by the love of God and so respond more fully to Him.

This is the mission we have been given by Christ.


 “Francis, go now and repair My Church which as you see has fallen into ruin.”

(Christ from the Crucifix in San Damiano Church.)


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