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Community Life

Mother Kathleen and Sister Clair making gifts
Enjoying the camaraderie of other religious at the annual Institute on Religious Life.

Life in common is an essential element of the vowed religious life.  As a family united in the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus and the Heart of the Church, the community is, by its nature, the place where the experience of God should be able, in a special way, to come to fullness and to be communicated to others.  For us, our life in community is a means of achieving holiness, a means through which we strive for intimate union with God, each Sister supporting the others for our own holiness, for the good of the Body of Christ, and for the well being of the world.  It is a lived togetherness, not only by living in close proximity with each other, but also by becoming part of the very fabric of each others lives.  Thus, we live together in fraternal community, pray together, have meals together, play together and hold all things in common, always seeking to recognize, esteem and reverence Christ in each other.  As Sisters who are bound together in Christ we share the Love we receive, mirror the Light we encounter and witness to the Life we experience.

Mother Kathleen and Sister Clair making gifts
Making “Holiday Cookie Jars” for sale in our Christmas Boutique
Sister Clair with her pets
Pets enhance our life



“I implore you, [then], to lead a life worthy of the vocation to which you have been called. Be carful to preserve the unity of the Sprit in the bond of peace.”
(Eph w: 1, 2-4)

"Encourage one another Live in harmony and peace and the God of love and peace will be with you" (2 Cor 13:11-12)


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