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Sister Clair speaking to Education Groups

One of our Religious Education classes celebrates All Saints Day by donning
                 the dress and/or image of a Saint of the Church.

The Christian Apostolate is an integral part of the Franciscan Vocation.  Whoever wishes to follow in the footsteps of Christ must, like Holy Father St. Francis, give himself to the service of souls.  Moreover, through our religious profession we are united in a special way with the Church and her mission according to our call and charism.

The first obligation of our religious consecration is to give honor, glory and adoration to God and to make reparation to Him for the many offenses of mankind against His love.  The living out of our charism consists, essentially, in our faithful and enduring witness to the existence of God and to His real and living Presence in an increasingly pagan and atheistic world.  Flowing from this, then, the Sisters of this Community gladly wear a traditional religious habit and live religious life as defined for centuries by the Roman Catholic Church.  In our dress and way of life, we desire to become as “walking billboards” shouting to all who will see us that, “He is.”  By this “silent” witness we seek to call all to come to know Him and to come into relationship with Him so as to love and adore Him. 

Mother Kathleen and Sister Clair speaking to Education Groups

Speaking to a Religious Education group on the topic of vocations.

The active apostolates of the Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus are:
Witness - The charism and primary apostolate of the Community is witness to the existence and primacy of God in the life of mankind and to bring all mankind into right relationship with Him.  To this end, the members of our Community wear a traditional religious garb, live in community, share a common prayer life and common apostolates
Adoration, Praise and Thanksgiving - Daily, we come before our Lord, both for ourselves and for all people, to offer the adoration, praise and thanksgiving that is God’s due from His children.
Reparation and Intercessory Prayer - Daily, we offer reparation to the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus for the outrages committed against Him in today’s world, especially by His consecrated priests and religious who have abandoned or betrayed their commitments to Him. 
Catechesis - It is our joy to teach God’s people the authentic doctrines of the Roman Catholic Faith and to instruct and nurture others in the Faith whenever and however this is possible. 
Counseling and Pastoral Care  - We strive to fulfill the mandate of the Scriptures and St. Francis to “heal wounds, to unite what has fallen apart, and to bring home those who have lost their way,” (Ez.34:16 & St. Francis of Assisi) spiritually as well as emotionally and physically. 
Fostering Vocations  - “Without priests there are no Masses.  Without Mass there is no Eucharist.” (Rev. John Hardon, S.J)  Because the Holy Eucharist is the very Bread that sustains the souls of men unto eternal life, we believe that it is our duty, as well as our joy, to actively promote vocations to the ministerial Priesthood of Jesus Christ. . 
In addition, since Vatican II, many religious communities have moved away from the practice of the essential elements of religious life; that is, living together in community, and sharing a common dress, prayer life and apostolates. Thus, we exist, in part, to promote the renewal of faithful religious life in the Church of America today through our presence, the visible witness of how we live religious life, and by fostering vocations to authentic religious life. To this end we invite young women to visit us in our Convent, we participate in Diocesan Vocation Days when invited and visit schools and religious education programs to discuss religious life with interested students.  We pray specifically each week  for the religious women and men serving in our diocese.


'You are the salt of the earth ... your are the light of the world ... your light must shine before men so that they may see goodness in your acts and give praise to your heavenly Father." (Mt 5: 13, 14,16)


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